Chefs Sampler

12 Pack $39.00

The best way to see which flavors you love. 1 each of all 12 flavors.


1 each of all 12 current flavors! 

  • Chocolate Chip + Dark Fudge:  An upgrade on a classic chocolate chip cookie sealed
    with a dark chocolate fudge filling
  • Birthday + Sprinkle Cream Cheese:  A rainbow sprinkle sugar cookie sealed with a
    sprinkle cream cheese filling **contains almond extract
  • Red Velvet + Cream Cheese:  A soft red velvet cookie with a classic cream cheese
  • Dark Fudge + Vanilla:  Dark fudge cookie with a dash of cinnamon sealed with a
    vanilla cream filling
  • Snickerdoodle + Cinnamon Brown Sugar:  A cinnamon sugar cookie with a brown
    sugar filling
  • Toasted Coconut + Salted Caramel:  Coconut cookie rolled in toasted coconut and
    filled with a coconut buttercream with a dollop of salted caramel
  • Cookies + Cream:  A vanilla cookie marbled with crushed chocolate cookie pieces
    filled with a cookies and cream buttercream
  • Lemon Sugar + Lemon Pudding:  Sugar cookie made with fresh lemon zest and a
    tart lemon filling
  • S’more + Toasted Marshmallow: a graham cracker cookie with mini chocolate chips sealed with a toasted marshmallow buttercream
  • Dirt Cup + Chocolate Pudding: a dark fudge cookie rolled in crushed Oreos, dark fudge filling with bits of gummy worms, dollop of chocolate pudding
  • White Chocolate + Strawberry: a red sugar cookie with mini white chocolate chips, strawberry buttercream, dollop of strawberry jam
  • M&M + Milk Chocolate: a sugar cookie with mini M&M’s with a milk chocolate filling

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